Joanna Johnen

artist who designs & colors things

Welcome to my portfolio. To find me on other social media sites, please use the links below. Thank you! <3

For business inquiries:
art @ joannajohnen . com

Illustration and Assets for Motion Graphics Animation Work

Responsible for Illustration work and construction of Motion Graphics Assets for animation for Critical Role's Crit Recap Animated's "Prologue: Meet Bells Hells" episode

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Design and Color Work

Responsible for Design and Color of 'stained glass' assets for Critical Role's Exandria Unlimited series opening sequence

Background Color Practice

Responsible for Background Color only. Background Design by Britney Thoreson

"Costume Quest" color stylist test (responsible only for color design of characters/prop/fx)

"Costume Quest" is property of Amazon/Frederator.

"Costume Quest" background paint test (responsible only for background color)

"Costume Quest" is property of Amazon/Frederator.

background design and color work from FoxADHD shorts division (responsible for both background design and color)

Background Design and Color work created in Adobe Photoshop. Also responsible for Character Cleanup, Special Poses, and Turnaround work which were created in Flash / Adobe Animate.

layout design work for Warner Brothers Animation series: "Right Now Kapow" (responsible only for background design)

Created in Flash / Adobe Animate

production art for "Anime Los Angeles" (ALA) convention

Production Art and character Illustrations for convention booklets, program guides, website, convention hall signage, etc featuring Ala's mascot character.

Additional Personal Work

Additional Personal Work, Illustrations and Design Projects